Changes for 2013

Changes 2013

We have made some slight changes to our website and what services we provide. We thoroughly enjoy working with figure skaters through out the world on getting them the best boots, blades and supplies to keep them skating at their best. Sales in our online pro shop have been very dismal since we were forced to close down our daily rink operations. At least for the time being we are suspending the pro shop part of our business. We will still help skaters upon request but with the lack of sales being so low we can not put the time into keep the pro shop current. If you’re looking for something specific feel free to
contact us.

As many of you know we shut down our daily rink operations in 2011. Charles started to have some issues from his Multiple Sclerosis and was unable to run the day to day operation of the rink. Since that time we have been doing private rentals and special events. We would love to be in a position where we can offer skating on a regular basis again. If you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are always trying to find a good fit so that we can offer skating again here in the Grand Valley.


New Year Means New Options for Skaters

As 2012 comes in full swing it also means new options for todays skaters. Some of the most notable changes come from Jackson. In Jackson’s boot line DJ3700 and DJ 3802 for advanced skaters have been changed for advanced skaters. Jackson has rereleased these boots as DJ3900 and DJ3902 as their top of the line boots. Their have some slight price changes on boots but most stayed about the same.

Jackson’s Blades options have had the most changed. One of the biggest changes have been in the ultra light blade UB70. That model has been removed and replaced by the Matrix Legacy MX7050 and like most of the Matrix blade lines these blades are available in colors (lilac, blue, pink, and silver).

We now carry nearly 40 blade options from MK, JW, Paramount, Eclipse and Jackson. To see our complete line of blade options from beginning skater through Senior check out our
blade store.

Have questions about which blade to look at with so many options
contact us! We’d love to go over the options with you. We aren’t just a Pro Shop we’re skaters and coaches too.


Future of On Edge Skating

As many of you are aware back in August we closed down our synthetic rink. As we have written on the blog Charles is a MS patient and we felt the need to go to those steps after he started showing signs of his MS worsening. When he got to a point where he could no longer walk unassisted some hard decisions had to be made. This along with low skate numbers in the late summer brought us to the decision to close the synthetic rink.

The Online Pro Shop has
not closed. We are still here taking orders same as always. No changes have been made to our Pro Shop. You can still make orders, get sized for boots, and get blades sharpened and get other maintenance handled. We are only a phone call away.

Many of you have been calling….. We get anywhere between 5-10 calls a week from folks wanting to know how things are going, what our plans are for the rink and most of all when we will be offering skating again. We both have really appreciated all the calls and voices of support.

We ended our lease off of the I-70 Business Loop in Grand Junction location. So while Charles is not back to where he wants to be or doing what he wants to do he has taken notice to these calls and we are putting some “feeler’s” out to see what our options may be for possibly bringing Skate Green back to the valley.

We are looking at possible locations, partnering with other established businesses, and the possibility of working with a partner. We just wanted to let everyone know what we were doing and where things were at as of right now. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call us.

Until something can be figure out for a permanent rink we are renting out our surface for private rentals and special events. We are hoping to have more news on a permanent rink solution in the coming months. For more information don’t hesitate to
contact us


Rink Closed

Rink Closed

As many of you know our synthetic ice rink has been closed the past couple weeks. The past few months have been extremely stressful with things going on outside of the rink. This stress has lead to a MS (multiple sclerosis) flare up. Due to health reasons we have chosen to close the rink at OES so that we can devote our attention to this issue. We hope that this closure will just be a temporary speed bump in the road.

We will try our best to keep everyone updated but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to
email us. During our closure we will be available by email. We feel that it is necessary to devote all our attention elsewhere at this time. Our programs including Learn to Skate will also be closed until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.


Midway Through Summer

I can’t believe we are already midway through summer. It never ceased to amaze me how winter in Colorado seems to drag on and on but summer always fly by. Summer at any rink seems to always bring a slow down. Fewer people on sessions because everyone is our doing “summer things”. Going to the pool, soccer, things like that. Only the die hards think of let’s skate. Going into this summer we really didn’t know what to expect. Would we follow these same trends as the average refrigerated rinks do with the summer slow down? No surprise to me we have but at least it is expected.

Since things have slowed down some we have been able to concentrate more on the future and start planning for late Summer and Fall. When things pick back up a little.

One of the first things we undertook was getting things set back up with our Learn to Skate program. Our next Semester of learn to skate will run from the week of Aug 2nd through the week of Sept. 10th. We will be offering classes for both of our skating departments ( figure skating & hockey) for youth and adults. Whether you are interested in figure skating or hockey our group lesson program will lay the foundation for you skating success. We hope you will join us for these classes.

We are stilling working on sessions and programs for hockey skaters. Some of the areas we are exploring are stick time sessions, camps and learn to play leagues for both youth and adult players. If you’re a local player and have ideas on what we could offer
email us. We would love to get some feed back from you.